Grace B aka Gedvile Bunikyte (b. 1984, Kaunas) is a visual artist currently living and working in Vilnius, Vienna and London.

Gedvile’s body of work consists primarily of works on paper. The artistic practice is perceived as a meditative process that is deeply influenced by the artist’s interests in philosophy, psychology, religions, mysticism and spirituality.

Ancient spiritual writings, texts on non-duality, physics, especially theories and writings of the physicist David Bohm, philosophy, writers such as the poet William Yeats and the 18th century scientist Emanuel Swedenborg as well as art that dates back thousands of years, such as prehistoric origin cave paintings, early religious and mystical art and more recent Art movements from the XX century such as Suprematism altogether form Gedvile’s main source of inspiration. This is the basis of her conceptual and theoretical foundations that are consequently converted into geometric abstract drawings.

Conceptually and visually it is standing on the foundation and legacy that is accumulated and being passed down since the first art works that are known to our collective human history and with the help and support of such knowledge advancing into the territory of the unknown.

“The nature of reality is mysterious and beautiful it is an unending process of movement and unfoldment. What we see as empty space contains the whole of everything. Everything we know as real is less than and not more than space… my humble lines on paper first and foremost are there in honour and appreciation of that and secondly an attempt to visualise the thoughts and ideas that on one level are known intuitively and then perhaps yet to be fully formed and understood by the mind.”

Gedvile Bunikyte graduated from Goldsmiths University, London in 2007.